Standard DNS

The all-in-one managed DNS solution for your own domain: a personal or small business website.


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Why Standard DNS?

It's the perfect DNS solution for users that do not require the capacity (multiple zones, over 750,000 queries per month) or advanced features (reporting, failover, load balancing).

Standard DNS provides complete control over your DNS zone and records with an intuitive web interface.

  • Geographically Diverse Servers
  • Zone & Record Control
  • Award-Winning Support
  • 750,000 Queries Per Month
  • 75 DNS Records
  • Support For 9 DNS Record Types

Standard DNS Benefits

DNS responsiveness

DNS responsiveness

Customers leverage industry-leading DNS query response times (less than 30 milliseconds) to optimize their application and digital asset performance. Propagate new or modified DNS records globally in under a minute.

DDoS protection

DDoS protection

DDoS protection is an always-on detection and mitigation platform for common DDoS volumetric attacks. The service protects against common layer 3 and 4 attacks like SYN floods, UDP floods, ICMP floods, and NTP Amplification attacks. DDoS Protection is included with all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) accounts and no configuration or monitoring is required. Monitoring is provided around the clock for malicious activity and delivered at no extra cost.

Global anycast network

Global anycast network

Anycast addressing optimizes DNS performance, enabling consistent user experiences across the globe. Within an anycast network, DNS requests are answered by the point of presence (PoP) closest to the user making the request—ensuring the fastest possible DNS performance.

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