Dynamic DNS

The same dynamic dns you’ve come to trust, backed by one of the largest tech infrastructures in the world.

As a leading Dynamic DNS provider, Oracle allows you to choose a unique hostname (ex: MyHome.dyndns.org) and link it to any IP-compatible device (router, webcam, security camera, DVR, thermostat, computer, file storage, etc.). As the IP addresses used to access these devices change, Oracle takes care of updating it for you, ensuring you are always connected.

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Using Oracle’s dynamic DNS eliminates the headache and human error associated with tracking ever-changing IP addresses and allows you to avoid the alternative of purchasing pricey static IPs.


30 Unique Hostnames

30 Unique Hostnames

Whether you need Dynamic DNS for a single device or multiple locations, we have you covered with the ability to create up to 30 hostnames (yourname.dyndns.org) per purchase. Need more hostnames? Just buy another package!

Rapid Propagation

Rapid Propagation

When your IP address changes, you need your hostname to be updated as quickly as possible. With TTLs that can be set as low as 20 seconds, extremely fast propagation will happen as soon as your update client notifies us.

Premium Domains

Premium Domains

Yourname.dyndns.org isn't cutting it? How about yourname.is-a-geek.com, or yourname.endoftheinternet.org? With Dynamic DNS, you get access to hundreds of premium domains, so you can find the domain that reflects your needs and personality!

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Start a 7-day free trial

Start with a 7-day free trial to see why we’re the best of the Dynamic DNS providers.

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30 hostnames for only $55/year

Receive discounts when you purchase two and five year subscriptions: $99 for 2 years, $220 for 5 years

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No One Does it Better.

Our experience improves yours.

Since our humble beginnings in 2001, we’ve been working on building and improving upon the Dynamic DNS product. Starting as home users ourselves, we understand what features are important and how essential usability and availability are.

Bigger footprint, better network.

With the largest presence of all Dynamic DNS providers on home routers as well as partnerships with all of the major router producers, at-home integration is that much easier for you. Just plug in your dynamic hostname and your router already knows what to do.

From our house to yours.

We aim to deliver a world-class customer experience to every customer. Our in-house support teams work in Oracle offices across the globe to deliver the best possible support at all hours of the day so we can work with your schedule—not the other way around.

Tech Specs & Key Features

  • Rapid propagation with low TTLs
  • Reliable device connectivity
  • Hundreds of premium domains
  • Stellar global, in-house email support
  • Retrieve files and applications from anywhere
  • Monitor a home security system
  • Provide tech support to remote computers
  • Access a home automation solution

4 Steps. Access Granted.

Setting up Dynamic DNS can be done in just a few steps, with no hassle and no wait. Just connect the device to your home router and allow external traffic for your router and modem. This means setting up port forwarding on your router and enabling bridge mode on your modem. Then follow our quick setup instructions below.

1. Sign Up

Sign up for an account when you purchase Dynamic DNS.

2. Add a new hostname

Once you’ve logged into the interface, navigate to "DynDNS Pro" and click "Add New Hostname” to create a new web address that will be linked to your device (ex: mycomputer@dyndns.org, webcam@dyndns.org).

3. Test your hostname

Test the hostname you created by typing it into a web browser bar outside your home network. If it loads, then you are connected properly.

4. Install the updater

Lastly, install the updater client. Some devices may already have the updater client pre-installed; for these, simply navigate to the application's DynDNS section for set-up.

Start a 7-day free trial

We built our business on this product. Start with a 7-day free trial to see why we’re the best of the Dynamic DNS providers.

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Pricing & Packages

Customizable product packages start at just $55/year. With our large selection of sizes, you can pay for exactly what you need and get started right away.

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