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What can I do with Dynamic DNS?

Set up a website | Host a gameserver | Connect to your webcam, DVR or router | Provide tech support to remote computers | Monitor a business or home security system | Install OpenVPN or set up a WebHop redirect | Retrieve files and applications from anywhere | Connect with home automation. Example: home thermostat.

  • Create up to 30 unique hostnames
  • Rapid propagation with low TTLs
  • Hundreds of premium domains
  • Stellar in-house email support
  • Permanent device connectivity

Support Resources Support Resources

The resources listed below answer 90% of FAQs:

Support Wizard: Need help getting set up? Our wizard will guide you through step-by-step.

Dyn Community Forum: Browse our community, where Dyn novices can seek advice from experts!

If you still have a question about your service, simply login to your account and our email support team will be glad to assist you.